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    Design is the first impression and 40% of the potential. This is what allows you to evaluate the company in the first 2-3 seconds. It is extremely important to show a really good, comfortable design and to cause positive emotions to the visitor.

    Based on the design of the site, the user has the impression of the level of the company. This is due to the fact that quite often visiting the site is the first contact of a potential client with your organization.Graphic design clearly positions the company, and the quality of the site design allows you to assess your level of respect and attitude towards customers.


    Exclusive and user-friendly website design is one of the well-functioning methods of the initial location of the client. After all, when searching for information of interest, the user will encounter the sites of your competitors, the design and positioning of which he will compare first.


    An exclusive design must fully comply with the scope of activities and credibility. That web design is able to create a good atmosphere on the site and enable the client to get the information for which he came.

    Understanding without words

    The visitor who has come on a site should feel comfortable, receive the clear information expressed in the smallest details. All this combined forms a general idea of the product or service, assessing the quality, reliability, and credibility of the company as a whole.



    We offer the creation of individual, fully exclusive design. He will sell and delight visitors. A high-quality design will allow you to stand out in your niche and gain the confidence of a potential client.



    Market analysis​
    Budget Forecasting
    Select traffic sources​
    Preparation descriptions​


    Value Packing
    Develop a content plan
    Transferring visual content
    Block order approval
    Collection requests
    Setting up advertising accounts


    Audience segmentation
    Advertising campaigns​
    Create conversion paths
    Setting up retargeting
    Weekly audit


    Such analytics systems will be installed on your website that will allow us to track the effectiveness of each transition in advertising, the effectiveness of individual requests. We will see how users behave on your site and what interests them most. Based on these data, we will upgrade both the site and advertising campaigns. Only a simultaneous audit of the site and advertising can lead us to the maximum result.


    Selling systems (conversion paths) is a system of touch points with a potential client, which allows you to accompany it with information and promotional materials from the moment of the first interaction with the site to making a purchase decision, while increasing customer loyalty to the value of the goods, making the brand recognizable stage of interaction to give the client a new information or offer that motivates him to make a purchase from you​.

    The client went through advertising in the search on your site, flipped through it, did not leave the application and closed the site. The system has tagged it and enabled the conversion path.

    The next day, flipping through social networks, the client saw promotional material telling about the advantages of your company.

    Two days later, the client came to check the mail and saw an advertisement of a company already familiar to him with a new special offer.

    From first contact to shopping

    We develop individual selling systems for each project because in different businesses the average decision time can be radically different. For example, a person may think about buying a house for half a year and up to a week about buying a jacket. We monitor the actions of a potential client in the network and remind him about you with new and new information about the product or your business. When a customer makes a purchase decision, he will buy from those whom he trusts most of all and that will be you.


    Cooperating with our company, you will not be our client, but our partner. We are interested in long-term cooperation, and this is possible only if our every action will bring you profit. Due to this, we will develop your business as your own. We, as well as you, are interested in the success of the project since your success is the key to our cooperation and advertising of our company.