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We know how to sell more stuff, to more people, more often, for
more money, more efficiently.


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    Concept of Positioning

    needs proper market promotion. This program consists of marketing policy, marketing strategies, as well as advertising and PR-programs.

    Marketing policy

    Marketing policy is the basis for Promotion program. It defines the ideological course of the company and the main principles of promotion. Marketing policy determines the direction of motion, sets basic rules and specifies the coordinate system. It describes unique key laws by which the company operates on the market. Marketing policy allows staying the chosen course despite emerging changes in the market or in the company. The pre-thought-out policy allows you to maintain clarity of mind and to focus on the essentials.

    Clear marketing policy means there is no money wasted on trifles, it also cuts off the excess costs and sets the main course of the company: for example, what is good for the TV shop, is not suitable for the high-end boutique.

    Marketing strategy

    There are an infinite amount of possibilities to reach your customer and conquer the market. The problem is that you don’t have time and money to try all of them. It is impossible to try all ways, and this is not necessary. To get on the train, you do not need to go to the airport. Marketing policy specifies two main points: the start point and point of destination. Marketing strategy is calculating the route and choosing the transport to get there. Marketing strategy is a plan of action to implement what should be done.

    In contrast to the basic ideology, which remains unchanged for the company, promotion strategies may vary based on market changes, levels of investment, efficiency and consumer reaction. Therefore, feedback becomes the most valuable marketing tool. Usage of different marketing approaches is adjusted depending on the specific reaction of consumers. The strategy is a direction indicator. Success can be achieved only with persistent and consistent work in a selected and approved area.

    Tactical steps

    The tactic is the specific marketing, advertising and PR activities which: create a positive image of a product/service/company, attract potential customers support loyal customers increase in sales create a greater share of profits Advertising – is a way to sell more products to more people as often as possible, and at higher prices.

    Consumers have a certain perception of the company/product formed regardless of whether it is formed deliberately. This perception directly influences their decision to buy or not to buy a product, where to source it and from whom. That is why it is better to purposefully form right perception.





    The image of the company is not only what is covered in the press. This is much more than TV commercials or newspaper ads. Everything is done by your company – colours of your trucks and cars, how long it takes to answer the phone, what your employees tell their friends – all these effects on the company’s image.


    Company image is formed through the media, direct and indirect advertising and PR events. All company’s actions in the outer circle – from a magazine article until the direct mail flyer – should strictly follow main principles of the marketing strategy.